5 Best Reasons to Choose a Wood Watch

5 Best Reasons to Choose a Wood Watch

May 26, 2021 0 Comments

The right timepiece can be a powerful fashion statement. Watches can exude style and confidence, and can be the perfect complement to an outfit. So, selecting the right one is an important style choice!

When first considering a wristwatch, the materials that most likely come to your mind are gold, platinum, and silver. Though those are the metals used in crafting traditional watches, wood grain watches are worth adding to your consideration list.

Wood grain watches may seem like a strange concept, but in recent years the popularity of wooden watches has continued to rise.  Not only are they proving to be beautiful statement pieces for men and women to wear for any occasion, but they come with several benefits over traditional watches as well.


The trend today is pushing towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living. This affects every aspect of our lives, from choosing biodegradable paper straws over single-use plastic ones, to driving electric vehicles as a means of reducing our carbon footprint. So, it is no surprise that this trend has also affected the choices we make with the clothing and jewelry we wear.

One of the best benefits of wooden watches is their sustainability! At Blackwood Premium, we pledge to plant a tree with every ourchase to prevent adverse environmental effects. The wood used is a completely natural material, and the process involved in crafting a wooden watch is friendlier to the environment. 


For people who choose not to wear a watch, one of the most common reasons they cite is not liking the additional weight around their wrist that most traditional metal watches create. This is a major factor accounting for the increasing popularity of wooden watches. Thanks to the naturally low weight of wood, wearing a wooden watch is considerably more comfortable for all-day wear than metal, making the timepiece much less of a bother during your day-to-day activities.


A wood watch offers the wearer an utterly unique and one-of-a-kind product. Woodgrain watches have a natural beauty, and no two grains are alike, so watches will feature different shades and patterns.

Even someone wearing the exact same watch as you will likely have a timepiece that looks different. So, if you are the type that likes to stand out from the crowd, wooden watches are the perfect choice!

Ages Well

Wooden watches get better with age, and they give off even more of their natural beauty and uniqueness.

Alternative for Metal Allergies

Many people around the world are allergic to metal, which may cause a discoloring of the skin or, at worst, a severe rash or irritation. This means that they are unable to wear traditional metal jewelry. Wooden watches may, therefore, be a safer, more stylish alternative for people who have these allergies and/or sensitive skin. 


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