about us

Blackwood Premium was created to combine our love for supporting our community with our love for eco-conscious wooden accessories that are fun, fashionable, and fierce!

Our passion is rooted in the desire to provide eclectic, high quality products for the discerning shopper with a unique sense of style. Our pieces are chic alternatives to mainstream options, and the perfect blend of “Sustainability & Style.”

We are also profoundly dedicated to advancing our magnificent culture. Being a source of inspiration and a model of success to young, aspiring entrepreneurs in our culture is deep at the core of our “why”. We take pride in cultivating a network of young brilliance and providing a platform for their creative talents to shine. This makes Blackwood Premium a result of the coming together of our people - a celebration and representation of us. 


We are honored to have been featured by Shoutout Miami Magazine and Miami Vibes Magazine!

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