Premium Storage Box Gift Set | Live Laugh Love


The Premium Storage Box is modern, functional, and secure. Constructed with thick, premium quality wood and a smooth matte finish, the luxurious appearance of this box is sure to impress! The included rolling tray provides a convenient place to roll what you need, plus a discreet, built-in nook to store your rolling items. Keep your contents organized with the detachable divider.

The Premium 1/4oz Storage Jar is made sustainably with food grade, non-toxic glass and bamboo lids. These jars are dishwasher safe, and include an O-Ring engineered to seal air-tight, hold in smell, and keep your product fresh. Perfect for storing your cosmetics, ground herbs, spices, coffee or any product you need to keep fresh!

The Premium 4pc Metal Grinder features solid, sharp shredders that turn easily to produce your perfect grind for products like coffee beans, herbs and spices. Includes a Kief Catcher and a Kief Shovel. 



SET INCLUDES: One (1) Storage Box, One (1) Key, One (1) Divider, One (1) Rolling Tray w/ Storage Compartment, One (1) 1/4oz Storage Jar & One (1) Grinder
STORAGE BOX DIMENSIONS: 8 1/4″ x 6 1/8″ x 4″
COLOR OPTIONS: Original Black, Natural Pine
DESIGN: Live, Laugh, Love