FIESTA | Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Red always makes a statement! It's the bold and assertive color of confidence, and when you're wearing it, it's impossible to fade into the background. Express your bold, beautiful, confident self with that FIESTA.

FIESTA features a classic round frame crafted with  beautiful red Bamboo to create a fierce aesthetic that’s rich in color and style.

FIESTA also features blue-light-blocking lenses to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light and UV rays that screens, digital devices, artificial lights, and the sun emit. The virtually transparent lenses give your eyes all the protection they need with a crystal-clear view. A must-have for every screen-loving fashionista! All this in a classic frame that never goes out of style. Stop the show wherever you go with the FIESTA.



Frame Shape Cateye
Lens Color Transparent
Wood Type Bamboo
Features Eco friendly; Recycled and reclaimed natural wood; Lightweight, Blue-light blocking lenses
Includes Bamboo Storage Box; Soft Cotton Cleaning Cloth & Pouch

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